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CoGH SPCA Horse Care Unit

A Message from SPCA CEO Allan Perrins

Cape of Good Hope SPCA CEO Allan Perrins calls on Capetonians to help, through buying a copy (or copies) of The Cape Aflame – Cape Town’s Dance with Fire, the SPCA’s Wildlife and Horse Care Units acquire “… items such as owl boxes, nets, field animal stretchers, ropes, halters, portable […]

The Cape Aflame – Cape Town's Dance with Fire

Set the Cape Aflame

Treat yourself. Order a copy of The Cape Aflame – Cape Town’s Dance with Fire now and support the CoGH SPCA and other essential public-service providers.

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The Fire Tracers

Click daily firelines for descriptions and images. Select the View larger map icon at the right of the toolbar for a full-screen view. “During the Muizenberg Fire, sponsors afforded us real-time photographs on the morning of Wednesday, 4 March (and, again, after the fire) from satellites passing overhead. The gathered […]

New Book Puts 2015 Muizenberg Fire in Context

Graphic rich and educative, The Cape Aflame – Cape Town’s Dance with Fire is the book of choice for Christmas, the 2015/16 Fire Season and Cape-based public-benefit organisations. During the furnace heat of early March, the Muizenberg Fire ripped our iconic Cape Peninsula in two, uniting Capetonians as never before. […]

The Evergreen Maritime Line Ever Refine

Father Christmas in China

Having departed Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City for the Chinese mainland, the 58,000-tonne Evergreen Marine Group container ship Ever Refine has stopped in Xiamen en route to Hong Kong where it will pick up your copy (or copies – remember, Christmas is just around the corner) of The Cape Aflame – Cape […]

VWS fire crews respond to the March 2015 Muizenberg Fire. From The Cape Aflame – Cape Town's Dance with Fire, November 2015 Photography: John Murray

As We Saw It …

We pretty much saw it as catastrophe turning to cataclysm and apocalypse and then to destruction and devastation. Nevertheless, we saw and recorded it being contained and suppressed by the City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services (CTF&RS) and the Bambi Bucket-bearing pilots of Working on Fire’s Hueys. « […]

SANBI Restoration Ecologist Dr Tony Rebelo slams VWS blanket fire suppression policy

Rebelo Slams Blanket Fire Suppression

“… VWS is Fynbos’s mortal enemy.” Dr Tony Rebelo – SANBI Restoration Ecologist


“Freed of the peaks, ravines and gullies of the southeast and bypassing the southeastern suburbs of Tokai and Zwaanswyk, the firestorm ripped through the western side of the Silvermine section, devouring its dense vegetation and public boardwalks before, two hours later, at 03:00, it dropped like a 10-kilometre wave of […]

Aliens Ate My Suburb

It’s not as though we’re blogging ourselves to death here at The Cape Aflame Project HQ, but we do have other things to attend to. Your munificent goodwill translated to orders, for example. Nevertheless, my earlier entry posing the question: Did the 2015 Muizenberg Fire Cause Any Damage to Property? […]

The Way We Do Things Around Here

Friends are blunt. Sometimes the most simple questions are the most difficult to answer. A Facebook friend posed a straightforward question: “Is this book available in Canada?” It’s not the done thing to refer friends to your FAQ. it’s about as friendly as giving a long-term prisoner a dictionary as […]