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Photograph and video: CSR Newsroom

Parkscape Running on Empty in Tokai

Parkscape is not interested in securing your safety from fire or crime. It cares little whether you get to enjoy trees or fynbos in our National Park. It speaks for those who see property prices in the greater Constantia Valley tanking as the area becomes divorced from its 18-20th Century fantasy of a shaded boreal “forest” in the heart of the Cape Floral Region and is forced to join other Cape Town suburbs on the Cape Flats, where our Sand Fynbos is of infinitely greater value to future generations than the prices fetched for the houses of a few.

Photograph Shawn Benjamin

Tokai’s Spurned Lovers Doth Protest Too Much

Tokai’s upmarket suburban guerillas take to urbane toyi-toying, svelte service-delivery protest and high-priced court interdicts in the name of conservation, biodiversity and an irrational love of the lowly, highly flammable Tokai Plantation’s pine trees. Confusing? You betcha.

Alien landscape

SANParks Moves to Save Tokai

“We welcome public involvement in projects and initiatives hosted by our citizen volunteers in the Friends Groups, Honorary Rangers and Fire-fighting teams…and we invite the public to join these groups to assist us in conserving our natural heritage.” South African National Parks (SANParks) 30 August 2016 Eighteen months have passed […]

Setting The Cape Aflame

The Cape Aflame Project donated R400 000 to four Cape-based essential-service organisations at a function held at TMNP’s Newlands Fire Base on 26 July 2016.

The Cape Aflame

Latest: Fiery Bestseller Raises R400K

The Cape Aflame Project donated R400 000 to four Cape-based essential-service organisations at a function held at TMNP’s Newlands Fire Base on Tuesday evening, 26 July 2016.

Arne Purves fire whirl

Cape Town’s Dance with Fire

Shot through with oft-overwhelming images of fiery cataclysm and vegetative rejuvenation, The Cape Aflame – Cape Town’s Dance with Fire proves itself more than an easily accessible, moist-eyed rehash of 2015’s Muizenberg Fire. It offers a detailed case study of wildfire and amply demonstrates the success of integrated wildfire management […]

Presumed extinct A Cape Granite Flax plant found by CREW member Gabi Laidler in August 2015

Cape Botanists Record March Fire’s ‘Devastation’

If Capetonians wandering these fire-scoured hills noticed the charcoaled, crabbed husks and twisted candelabra of toasted bushes, they seemed to pay them no heed. Of stumps or straggly, spidered stalks stripped of life, they saw little. They saw not black, white, brown or khaki, but yellow, gold, rust, bronze, copper, […]

The Cape Aflame Clears the Tower

The Cape Aflame – Cape Town’s Dance with Fire was launched at Groot Constantia last night and keynote

A Dummy’s Guide to Starting Wildfires

There are many theories as to how fires start. We know that, in the main, they are started by people living in our 3.75-million strong community and that, short of fencing off the mountain, they will continue to threaten SANParks’s prescribed-burn fire-management policy.

Klawer Simon's Town Fire © Quiet TechFlint

Urban-fringe Properties a Burning Issue

In a timely article in today’s Constantiaberg Bulletin, ‘Protect your land from fire‘, Karen Watkins sends out a warning to Capetonians, one echoing statements made by Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) Fire Manager Philip Prins in the Afterword to The Cape Aflame – Cape Town’s Dance with Fire: “Where residential […]