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Les Martens

The Vineyard Rhino Relief Brawl*

On Friday evening, SANParks Honorary Rangers (SHR) shaved (well, the men anyway), showered and swapped their muddy boots and khaki attire for garments of a more appropriate nature and demonstrated their versatility by throwing a high-profile Rhino Relief Cocktail Party hosted by eco-warrior and extreme conservationist Braam Malherbe at the […]

Premier Zille, and Basil’s Naked Romp

All media reports of a middle-aged man with prematurely grey hair, waving a flag emblazoned with a Cape Aflame logo and squealing with delight while running naked through the streets of Cape Town are to be ignored. Cape Aflame Image Controller and Website Developer Basil Parker was wearing a T-Shirt […]

Ryan Heydenrych

Ryan Heydenrych: Doing Still More

“I still wish we could have done more.” What more could wildland firefighters Ryan Heydenrych and Mike Boyd have done? What were they doing, at around 03:00, in a suburb in which houses were ablaze, gardens were burning, and hedgerows along the street were spontaneously bursting into flame? What could […]

Morel mushrooms return to Cape Town in wake of March 2015 Muizenberg Firefire

Tony Rebelo’s Magic Mushroom Lovechild

“South Africa’s rarest edible mushroom has been spotted on the Cape Peninsula twice in the last two weeks – and its comeback is apparently a result of the regenerating effects of the wildfires that swept through the fynbos in March.” “Fynbos ecologist Tony Rebelo said that before the recent finds, […]

Kelly Vlieghe

The Screams of Baboons

I’ve spent the past six months working as a member of The Cape Aflame Project Team. It’s a voluntary initiative designed to benefit organisations providing public services such as those rendered during the 2015 Muizenberg and other Cape wildfires. We’re publishing a book in November – a large-format, hardcover, 176-page […]

Photograph: Nic Bothma

On the face of it…

On the face of it, The Cape Aflame – Cape Town’s Dance with Fire uses stunning photography to chronicle the story of Capetonians uniting to fight a wind-driven holocaust which, over several days in early March 2015, torched 5,120 hectares of Table Mountain fynbos, as well as four homes and […]

Photograph: Chris Preen

2015/16 Fire Season Rears its Head

With EWN reporting on one page: “Several recreational sites affected by the South Peninsula fires have been reopened to the public, just in time for the start of SA National Parks Week. Teams have been working tirelessly to restore various footpaths and infrastructure destroyed during the blaze [Muizenberg Fire] earlier […]