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Aliens Ate My Suburb

It’s not as though we’re blogging ourselves to death here at The Cape Aflame Project HQ, but we do have other things to attend to. Your munificent goodwill translated to orders, for example.

Nevertheless, my earlier entry posing the question: Did the 2015 Muizenberg Fire Cause Any Damage to Property? has been gnawing away at me. I don’t know why. It’s not as though I’ve read it since clattering it out.

I guess it’s a case of ‘unfinished business’. I like questions to have answers and I don’t like answers that are not explained or backed by … well, anything really, as long as it’s reasonable.

So, today I thought I’d make a video – to clearly set out my take on wildfires (and the Muizenberg Fire in particular) in Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) causing damage to property.

I hold that the Muizenberg Fire caused no damage to property outside the park.

And I can see why some might feel slightly leery of buying a book (even if it’s for an extremely worthy cause) written by somebody who holds such a view.

Lest I blow The Cape Aflame Project’s best intentions out of the water, I decided to try a different approach to clarifying my stance.

With all the zeal of a blogger finding his feet again after eight years wasted on Facebook, I opened Microsoft’s Movie Maker. And I did that with all the enthusiasm of somebody who’s put off compiling a PowerPoint presentation … a PowerPoint presentation he promised to deliver back in the day when Novell owned WordPerfect and any self-respecting keyboarder would rather tear out his eyes than use Microsoft.

For anything.

We all know Bill Gates stole DOS.

But I thought a video would do the trick and, besides, it would only take an hour, no?


Like Reader’s Digest or Walt Disney, Microsoft is a type of cultural insanity that makes up for any lack of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for those not in on the latest fads). It’s a product capable of wrenching you, soaked in sweat and shivering with fear, from a deep and peaceful sleep.

This is not a pretty video.

It relates how aliens ate my suburb.

Funny thing about blogging though. If a blog takes a long time to put together, you’ll put it up no matter how vile it looks. Pride is no match for desperation on the World Wide Web.

Anyway…that’s enough of that. This screed has absolutely nothing to do with The Cape Aflame, the SANParks Honorary Rangers, the CoGH SPCA, the Cape Peninsula Fire Protection Association or Volunteer Wildfire Services.

The blog entry is all in the video (ho ho) above.

And, hey, if you disagree, why not say so? We have a comments feature here.


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